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Should I

Prologue: In many denominations of the Christian faith, there is a time of year in which we are encouraged to give up something that we love and to engage in thought over some entity that should be improved in our lives. At least this is what I was taught by my parents, and my two beautiful grandmothers. This being that season of Lent, I thought I would share with you my own thoughts about that which I have chosen to give up and that which I have chosen to consider for improvement. It involves food. I have given up desserts; and I have been considering the agony of gluttony.


At any other time of year a piece of pastry would just be a simple thing one would pop into one’s mouth and roll around while we chewed it up before swallowing. At any other time of year that ice cream would just be a delicious slide down the back of the throat. At any other time of the year I could dive into a piece of dark moist chocolate cake, I might separate the smooth creamy decadent frosting and save it for last; I

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Say IT

It is the end of February… well almost. I have done nothing but talk about love. Maybe it’s because I can’t think of anything else in February… red everywhere and the valentines are still sitting on the counter. I am blessed to feel filled with love! So one more time I’m going to step out of the box of our very busy way of living to slow down, and consider what to me is the most important thing in living. And that is loving well. Not the soupy mushy stuff you see in the movies, but that which can’t be explained kind of love.

I guess the first person(s) we ever love is our birth family. And I have had a great one! My mother… self sacrificing, full of hugs and kisses that she freely showered on her family, a beautiful voice that sang us to sleep… she was protective of (for sure) this daughter! I owe my college education to her quick action, when someone from the university I wanted to attend asked if I’d be interested in going there. She was also a huge part the scholarships I

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What the Heck Is Love

Several years ago I visited the dentist for my regular dental check. It was a visit that would change my life forever. (Interested?) My teeth were X-rayed and found to be in beautiful condition. A dental technician cleaned my pearly whites but a minimal amount of tartar was present. The dentist finally entered, examined the X-rays and plunged a tool into my mouth for a thorough check.

I was confident that he would say the usual thing: “Carolyn, your mouth is in excellent condition. It’s such a pleasure to see a set of teeth like yours!” But NO! Instead he said, “Carolyn, your teeth look fine, but I am disappointed to see that you do not floss them. This is a must and…” I interrupted him and began to tell him how busy my life was with four bros and Hubby, teaching, volunteer work etc. and he interrupted me back… “Carolyn, no one is going to make you do this. Relax! I realize how very complicated your life is. Honey, it’s okay! Just floss the ones you want to keep.” And with that, he smiled,

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Soft Music

Prologue: Odd that I would chose this somber topic the day before a day dedicated to love. But for me, this IS about love. Many kinds of love but mostly, love for my brother. Today, February 13th, is the anniversary of my brother’s birth, which always takes me to the anniversary of his passing, July 13th. I have tried in years passed to pretend it doesn’t hurt to think of him; but when I have done that, I have landed in the memory of other losses. I know now it is better to share the grief just a little and see it for what it is, an irreparable loss. So today, I would share the way I deal with loss and with pain. Oh, I AM a fighter! But when one is also a lover (and I am that too), there has to be a time to stand still and feel.

Music. This is a subject that I happen to know a great deal about. I have been a musician almost all of my life, and I have been a performer since age five. I have lived surrounded

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Through the large picture windows in the back of my home, I rise every morning and look out on what is called, Gavalin Peak. It stands majestic and true, tall and distant from where I see it. Some say it looks like an American Indian chief lying down. Others see it as just another gagged peak to climb. And, still more find the old chief to be a beautiful thing created to look at and admire. Yes, he appears different to all of us.

One afternoon when I had nothing to do, I took a drive up close to the base of this peak. What a surprise it was to find him so different when I bothered to get up close and take a really good look. Instead of distant shape and figure, I found the chief was dotted with sagebrush and cacti. That seemingly small rut that runs straight up the south side was actually a huge ravine with many dangerous movements that eventually fell deep into a dark bottom. And, the green that looks like grass is actually not grass while the dark browns and grays that appear to be

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Be My Valentine

There are three words that always warm hearts: I love you. And then there are another three and they are, “Be my valentine.” It’s at this time of year that we turn to these words. For myself, I am always taken back to the third grade. It was the first time that these words became meaningful to me. They became more than a party and a day off from schoolwork.

It all actually started days before the Valentine’s Day party. I was seated at the dining room table making out my valentines. I had my list of names of all my classmates provided by my teacher and a package of valentines to address. One after another I read the names and carefully assigned a card to each person. I sent my best friend the best card I had, and it went from there until I got to the last name on the list… a little girl that no one in the class cared for too much. Probably because she always had a bad odor about her, was not well dressed, and was pretty much a mess to look at every

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