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Sex is not passion. Once when my brother reminded me that “Hey, Sis… guys are always thinking about it,” I asked Tom if sex and passion were the same thing. He said, “No, but the two go together.” Most of the time when this subject came up, he was trying to protect my honor. But since those early days of growth, it’s clear that passion is so much more than something that takes you to a romp in the hay. Oh, there is this first stage of loving and we seem to be wired for it. But more than that, passion is a natural event that is meant to strike a chord, and take us to a deeper meaning and relationship.

The Greeks had four words for love. These all dealt with a human’s relationship with other humans. Those words are Storge (the natural affection of children for parents and family), Filia (affection for friends), Eros (romantic love), and Agape (unconditional love… the kind that God has for His children, us). As we mature/learn in life, passion plants a seed for that love. In it’s natural way, it leads us to

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More Than a Music Man

A nine year old child is excused from math class to go three flights down to the basement of the school… to the music room. Holding on to an instrument bought with parents’ hard earned cash, he clutches this treasure and descends the stairs. This is not the general music class. This is the first day of “band class.” First time to meet Mr. Brown. First everything. As Mr. Brown helps the students find seats in their instrumental section, there exists a heady giddy appetite for what it will be like when these would-be musicians actually play in the elementary school band. There is a certain amount of fooling around… clutching the instrument’s case acting like each of them know what they’re doing, which they do not.

First class consists of all students learning to assemble their instruments. After the instruments are in one piece, students are taught how to blow into the instrument… And this truly requires patience because once the students are taught how to make sound through the instrument, that’s exactly what they all want to do while poor Mr. Brown continues to teach each child the same thing.

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Horse Sense

They are beautiful tall creatures that run on four legs. Some have brown hair. Some have black or white. And, some are multicolored. And, they possess these knowing big eyes and a long mane that moves with the wind like magic strands of silk. But this is not the extent of their beauty nor their intellect. Not by a long shot. Consider the spirit of the horse and ability to act beyond self and instinct.

In the Old West, it was the horse that got the hero to the run away stagecoach. It was the horse to which a rope was tied to, while some poor soul was pulled to safety from the sure death down a rocky ledge. And, it was the horse that drug the plow and brought in the crops, that heroes and their families ate and in which they took pleasure. If we were to take a poll on the titles of the old western movies, we’d find that even though the horses are actually the heroes, the movies are frequently named for the life activities of men who rode them. The horse (though we ultimately

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Good Advice

Do you have people that just stick in your head and talk to you? People that at some point said or did something which made a big impression? You must. I know I do. Right at the moment I’m thinking of Mr. Oller, a social studies teacher for seventh and eighth grade children. I am recalling a day when he was speaking about the individual’s right and responsibility to be involved in the well fair of our country and her citizens. He linked it to every war we had fought from the conception of the United States of America. He linked it to the right and responsibility to vote. He spoke about the importance of free speech and the right to assemble peaceably.

I was really tracking with him and feeling like I should run right out and start a victory garden. Yep, he had me up until the free speech part and the right to assemble peaceably, and that’s when I decided to raise my hand. I knew I was interrupting but I just couldn’t keep it to myself. And, although he was deep into his oration, he called

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A Song

There is a piece of music from my childhood that has always fascinated me. It is called “You Are My Sunshine.” You must know this song… It goes like this:

“You are my sunshine; my only sunshine.
You make me happy when sky’s are gray.
You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you.
Please don’t take your sunshine away!”

I first heard it on television, sung by a cowboy seated on his horse as he strummed away on his guitar. I was maybe five years old at that time. With my legs curled under me and staring in wonder up at the TV, I thought this cowboy had the best life! All he had to do was ride his horse, and sit up there

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