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Miss Marples. Miami CSI. L.A. Confidential. “Thou shalt not kill.” And yet, many do it while the rest of us ponder it, read about it, and wonder about the people and the event. Recently I have been considering murder. Not to DO it, but the many sides of the thing… For there are an infinite number of ways to kill.

A few weeks ago I went outside to enjoy a moment of clarity through nature by taking a walk in my yard. I moved along each sand covered path watching the bugs crawl across leaves and bees take nectar from flowers that were in full bloom. I wandered down the east side of the house to the red velvet sage, and picked some of it to enjoy as I continued my walk. Everything was soothing and quiet. I was in love with the moment. I then moved to the west side of the yard slipping between the trumpet vines, white roses on the trellis, and some Texas sage. I walked all the way to the brick wall that separates the front of the yard from the back.

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True Communication

My father, expounding on the importance of communication: “It’s everything. In business and in our personal lives.” I have always inclined to agree with him; but the trick is to find the right way to communicate so that what is said is truly understood… And this isn’t always as simple as stating a need like a child would do… “I want” or I have to have…”

Communication, as we mature, becomes complicated because we are adding adventure, education, and experience to the ability of understanding one another and being understood. And, we are not all traveling on the the same path as we say whatever it is that we have to say.

Many things can enter into the process of communication. Some things spur it forward and others hold it in repose. Passion is one of those mysteries that can fly it one direction or the other.

Several years ago when I was on tour in Europe I got lost getting to my destination. My conversational German was limited and I was becoming frustrated. Out of seemingly nowhere, a carload of loud laughing people drove right up to where I was standing;

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