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Cruisin’ – The Final Chapter

Taking a cruise can be like taking a break from life. That said, I always imagined my break being on an island with warm tropical breezes, an umbrella to shade my eyes as I lie there in my swimsuit… Oh yes, and the best part would be some guy (I always liked the name, Bubba!) who has NO worries and looks fabulous in his little swim trunks… He’s heading my way with a tall drink and some suntan lotion that he will amply apply to my back and shoulders to prevent burning in that tropical sun when I go for a dip in the ocean. The waves are lazily rolling toward me and the breeze cools any little trickle of perspiration that wanders down my form. And, then I sip on that cool drink and get politely loopy. I have imagined this scene so much that when I realized the cruise to Alaska was the trip to be taken, disappointment loomed like failure would to an honor student.

Yes, I was truly bummed out about heading north for a holiday. (Can’t imagine that can you!) I would have dug my heels in hard for my

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Cruisin’ – Part Two

Conversation is an unavoidable and important part of the cruising experience. We stand in lines with others, we eat with others, and we take excursions with others all of which involves interaction. It can be a simple exchange of names. It can be discussion of careers and family. At some point, it can also be an exchange of opinion.

Hubby and I snaked our way through many a line. As we boarded the ship we encountered lines. There were lines to eat the first night, lines to leave the ship and re-board (this is for security purposes, and there is a ton of it). In the beginning it seemed that all people wanted to do was board that ship and get underway. Tension was everywhere. Through tight-lipped smiles there were words such as, “How long is this line anyway?” “Oh no, another line?” “Why did we do this (insert loved one’s name) let’s go home.” “How much did we pay to stand in this line?”

Dockworkers are busy doing an assortment of jobs; they see us in our hepped-up state, and to them it’s just another day’s

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Cruisin’ – Part One

Have you ever seen the musical movie Paint Your Wagon? It takes place in the great state of California during the early days of the gold rush. Ben Rumson is my favorite character in this film and I must say that as I recently visited Alaska, I couldn’t help but recall Ben’s words from that film which often rang true.

“There are two kinds of people in this world… Those that are goin’ somewhere and those that are goin’ nowhere.” – Ben Rumson, Paint Your Wagon

Recently I had the good fortune to travel by ship to Alaska. It is said to be the last frontier and in many ways that was true as I sailed, walked, and rode through this wilderness of the west. Trees are two and three hundred feet tall. Mountains made of granite soar to great heights. Animals roam free to feed and sleep as they see fit. And, in some venues, Man is not allowed to interrupt it. The word quiet means no sound. But in the bush country of Alaska it means NEW sound, for I have never heard quiet quit like this.

I wandered

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