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I Live I Breathe I Win

Yesterday I was in the doc’s office for a check-up and his receptionist handed me a piece of mail… “Oh and Carolyn, we need to get your new address.” I sighed and took the piece of mail and yes you guessed it… The thing read “Return to Sender”. Still… I must admit a sign of progress because at least it didn’t say I’m deceased this time.

I usually go to see this doctor twice a month but because I have to cut back spending, he’s going to get the backlash from my students who stopped music lessons (I’m always the first to go whether I’m teaching privately or in a school… never the athletic department… Are you sensing hostility? Yes? Continuing.) And on and on it goes like little black dominos falling one after the other. We move in synchronization affecting each other with what we cannot afford. The Temple household recently dropped our cable access to the minimum. Who needs to watch television when there are games to play and sights to see and books to read (and articles to write). But as we have done this and shared our

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The Encounter

Yesterday was an election day. And, being a person who wishes to be responsible toward my civic duty, I took my sample ballot to the location where I was to vote and began the limited moments in line waiting my turn. Two minutes then three and more… I began to visit with others that were in line ahead of me. Nice people, all waiting to cast their ballot for the candidates of their choice. We were all smiling and laughing and then came a gentleman in line behind me who saw little about which to be jovial. I knew that face. It was the same face I had worn in the post office on Saturday. He was not having a good day. My heart went out to him. “Hi there. You okay? Looks like the heat has you?” (It was 112 degrees outside… I thought it just had to be the heat.) He looked down at me from his very tall vantage point with those frustrated eyes and began to tell me the story of his morning.

Mr. Tall-Dark-and-Handsome had arisen early in the morning and

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Am I Dead?

For the past few months, I have been receiving notifications, important notifications from persons with whom I do business that I am dead. My mail is being returned to them saying “Undeliverable… Return to Sender… Deceased.” Today I received a phone call from a friend saying that a package she was trying to mail to me had also been returned, and that it was also labeled “Deceased” as well as “Wrong Address.” So now, I am not only dead, but also I don’t live in my home anymore… In other words, in case I WAS dead, I now do not haunt my own house! Thank you, United States Postal Service!

Let it also be known that such mail addressed to “The Temple Household,” and “Occupant” and “Ms. Temple or Currant Resident” always arrives safely; and I have the happy task of sorting it out and tossing it into the trash bin. But those things which require money from me to live, or those entities that make my life more pleasant, do not or cannot arrive into my hands because I am to the US Postal Service, “Deceased.”

I have tried to no avail to make the

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A Good Read

Reading is a wonderful pastime as well as being an excellent way to learn. We can learn almost anything from the many “how to” books that are found in a typical library. And then, we can also find history, fiction, religion… You name it; our libraries, or bookstores will sell it.

I am one of those readers who usually has several books going at one time. Years ago I decided that the let down I experienced at the end of a book (You know… that thing when the book is finished, it was wonderful and then we don’t know where to go or what to do with ourselves until the next good book shows up. One sort of languishes in loss while searching for a new read.) Yes… this let down was not something I wanted anymore. At about the same time I was having this thought, I chanced to see Hubby ensconced on the sofa, while he surfed the TV stations; and I decided I should do the same thing. I now read maybe six or eight books at the same time, so I never have the let down experience; I just

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Fake Versus the Real Thing

So it’s Paris, France just before Christmas. Looks like everyone in town is out there shopping and looking at the decorations and the lights. It’s my first trip to Paris, and to say that I was taken in by the beauty and charisma, would be an understatement. Like everyone else that goes there for a look-see, I pretty much fell in love with the entire scene.

Yes, the fact that I was in Paris just before Christmas with all those lights and decor and people laughing and speaking French… I was so hooked! I could have gone anywhere in the states and seen decorations; but there, where I was the foreigner, seemed to add a sense of reality to everything around me. It was different! Oh for sure, some things one would expect (like the Eiffel Tower in Paris); but the realm of the unexpected loomed everywhere for one who was ready to receive it. It’s the “Not Fake” that makes travel exciting. It is an opportunity to see life through someone else’s eyes and not a magazine or television screen, a chance to find original versus what can feel like

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