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Which Way Should We Go?

When I was a child, someone (either a teacher or a rabbi or a priest, or in my case my grandmother) always seemed to have the time to teach children the Ten Commandments. For me, after I learned them I was told that these were meant to live in my soul and be my guideposts as I traveled through my life.

Ask yourself right now… In fact stop and see if right now you can say all ten of them. Go! Say them out loud to yourself right now. You’re on!

Okay did you know all ten of them? Were they in the right order? “Cause the order, I was told, matters; it sets the priority of importance… God first, then our relationship with one another. Every time that “Forward” comes round on my email about how these are not the Ten Suggestions, I wonder if the person who sends this out can say the Ten Commandments. I mean, who are others to tout the way we should live if they themselves cannot do the deed!

There’s this old saying that my father thought was… pardon me but… thought it was crap: “Do as

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Something About Legs

There are many moments in life that can fade from our memory over the years. Perhaps it was a thing you loved or that moved you in a certain way or a friend that was well thought of… We would want to be with that person, or experience that moment over and over. Maybe it was a time you just never wanted to come back again but fear or pain made you continue to relive it.

Over the years, distance took it to an unknown address. Years pass, maybe decades, and then an event similar to that moment or person from years ago causes it all to return. It could be the scent of rain or a newly mowed lawn or the smell of a certain food; and we are there again, remembering and reliving those days or person of old.

This happened to me. By way of a very minor knee injury, I landed back in physical therapy for six weeks. (I say “back” because there was a time when I spent years trying to walk, and a physical therapy center seemed like my second residence.) So as I began

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