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It is a common occurrence for married men and women everywhere, when discovering that a child is on the way, to rattle through any number of names that might be given to their son or daughter to be. I, myself, nearly became Margo instead of Carolyn. As the story goes, at the last minute, my mother didn’t like the name Margo and suggested that I be named Carolyn after my father, Carroll. My father agreed if my second name would be Valette, after my beautiful mother. It was a pact and I became Carolyn Valette. But a name is more than a pact; it is who you will actually be. It speaks about you individually. It labels you, advertises who you can become for God, family, and humanity everywhere.

This is the premise Hubby and I used when it came to naming our four Bros. And they have become their names, just as I hoped they would. One is tenderhearted; one is the traveler of two paths; one is a gift from God; and one is the victory for the people.

Having had only sons, there are of course female names

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Fantasy Land

Once long ago in a place called California, a man named Walt Disney opened to the public his dream world called Disneyland. It had (and has) four distinct divisions of entertainment. One is called Frontier Land, which takes the visitor back in time to the Wild West of the “Good Ole USA.” One is Tomorrow Land, which takes the visitor into the future to distant worlds and dreams of space and time travel. The third is Adventure Land where the visitor can take rides through the dangerous rivers of Africa, or paddle in a canoe out to a little island where we play like Tom Sawyer and romp to our heart’s content. Fourth and last there is Fantasy Land, where every little girl’s dreams still comes true, where princes really do carry the princess off to a beautiful life in the sky and Alice’s wonderland still offers tea parties with happy music and smiling faces.

Each one of these lands is, for the imagination, a delight. It is time away from a painful reality of bill collectors, or non-existent jobs we so need, or terminally sick children or parents, or a pending divorce. It

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