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Tis the Season

Every evening around six o’clock I seat myself in front of the TV to watch the Hallmark Cable Television Holiday Movies. I have done this for maybe five years every Christmas holiday season… And, every year I say to myself, as we reach the 24th of December, that I will not do this the following year. Why, you may ask? Here it is.

The first night I watched these movies (maybe three in an evening), I saw people of all walks of life find the perfect Christmas just in the nick of time. These people all had huge difficult life issues going on… Pick one, it was there. Homeless people finding meaning in life… I cried. A lonely man at Christmas time who thought he had everything until he met a lovely young woman who gave him love… I cried. A family with more money than God (Does God bother with money? Maybe just more than than the richest man on the planet)… And then this family is snowbound in “East-Armpit-Ida-know-where;” and, the entire family discovers their tech toys to be less entertaining than the town’s Christmas variety show.

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Please Note…

It has recently come to my attention that some of my writing is being used without my permission and without proper credit to me, the author. While I’m happy others enjoy what I write, please do not take what is not yours. It is theft… and to the writer it is not only painful but injury.

Please note that a copyright exists. That my name is at the close of each article, and that I would prefer to be asked through email and given the right of refusal or agreement (with proper credit) if any of my work is used by others.

Thank you for your attention in this matter. If it doesn’t apply to you, then no worries, Happy Holiday and let’s move on.

Best… Carolyn Thomas Temple

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Sonflowerlives presents A Holiday Story: The Gingerbread Gift

Maggie Forrester had just finished cleaning her kitchen for the fourth time that day when the doorbell rang. Tired and wishing she were not home to receive the caller, she stopped at the mirror to take a peek at her bedraggled self before she opened the door. With a quick swipe at her hair to get it back from her eyes, she greeted her best friend who was breathlessly happy. “Hi Maggie! Merry Christmas! I just wanted to bring you and Richard some holiday cheer!”

She extended both hands, which held a flat medium sized box with a red bow around it. Maggie took the box, and thanked her loving friend. “Do you have time to come in?”

“No, but thanks. Maybe another time. Just a few days before Christmas and I’ve rounds to make. Love you! Bye!”

Maggie thanked her friend again, waved good-bye and closed the door. She stood there in the entryway looking at the box with the red bow. It smelled vaguely familiar. Maggie groaned.

“Oh Mary, you didn’t!” Maggie ripped open the box. “Oh Mary, you did!”

It was a well-decorated fat little gingerbread

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A Brief Description

It was at last cool. The Arizona sun had dropped over the western horizon and temperatures were dropping to an easy 65 degrees. Only in this state could we say such a thing at holiday time.

Lately I have been miserable in this heat. It’s Christmas with no snow and no cool temperatures. It is a time for eggnog, hot tea and cider and Christmas caroling as your breath appears in front of you. But we, in Arizona do it different. We wait for the sun to sink… And, we put on no coat in order to rise and party.

Have you ever been to the Botanical Gardens Luminary? It is magnificent. There one can find Christmas. It is people out to enjoy with loved ones. There is singing, wine, cider, beautiful plants decorated in lights, and paths that lead from one quiet moment of joy to another. Everyone is happy! Joy is a feeling of Holiday.

In church, of course, there is the celebration of Advent. In synagogues the celebration of Hanukkah. The Festival of Lights… And in this there is joy.

Recently, after a long hard day

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This or That

A woman walked into a store that sold handbags. She already had one on her arm, which had served her much of her life. It was small, and made of soft brown leather. There was a compartment, in this handbag for everything she needed to carry whenever she left her home to go out. She loved this small handbag and had not ever considered changing to anything else. But just now, she found herself in a store and looking at other handbags as she carried her trusty comfortable brown bag on her arm.

A saleswoman with a broad and inviting smile approached her. “Look at this bag,” she said. “I think it would suit a woman of your stature.”

“My stature? Do I have stature,” questioned the woman with the little brown bag.

“Why yes! Here… Take it in your hands.” The sales woman extended the new bag to her. It was much bigger than she had carried in a very long time… And, she had become so comfortable with her little brown bag.

She took the pale gray leather bag in her hand. It was stuffed with paper

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IQ Etcetera

It was early Fall. The weather was cool and so was the room in which she sat, waiting for her turn to enter the office of a doctor who had been assigned to evaluate one of her children… Her son, in fact. He was not doing well in school and the staff had told her that she needed to find out what was wrong with him.. why he couldn’t learn with the rest of the children. So here she was at Children’s Hospital waiting it out for a psychologist to tell her where to go next with the child she loved so much. (Fortunately I recovered from this falsehood.)

It was a nerve-racking hour and a half. It seemed like the doctor and her son had been in there together forever. Mrs. Mateland read way too many articles on how to stay young and fit, then oh-so-many recipes, which would probably kill her be age 35 if she ate like that every day. She paced the floor. She sat. She looked out the window and wondered again if this visit to Children’s Hospital would help her little boy.


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