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The Bigger Dog

There was a commercial some time ago on television that advertised dog food: “My dog’s bigger than your dog… My dog’s bigger than yours… My dog’s bigger ’cause he eats (insert here the name of the dog food which escapes me)… My dog’s bigger than yours.”

It was a fun little commercial and the jingle was based on the old saying “My dog’s bigger than your dog,” which meant that the one with the bigger dog had more problems. Pick any set of problems; if you believed yourself to be suffering more than any other, then you had the bigger dog. The commercial had nothing to do with problems, but the true meaning of that old saying sat with me this week and took me to a place of reflection.

Like anyone else, I’ve had times when my problems seemed pretty mountainous. And, when they seem that way, my grandmothers and my parents taught me to quietly observe other people and how they live; They felt that I should see up close what others have to “put up with.” And so, this week I took a trip outside of myself and concentrated on other

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February Moments

I love February, not only because it is a short month, which has always meant a pay day came ’round sooner, but also because it is the month of love. Valentine’s Day! It seems we’re kinder to each other in February, with more tolerance. Think about it… There are thirteen days to practice playing nice before the big V-Day… And then, we have fourteen more days afterward to lull in our chocolate comma.

That said, I don’t do chocolate anymore… At least not the boxes of candy. Sans this decision, if you have given me a box of chocolates, I’d have eaten and eaten and ten days later my clothes wouldn’t have fit! Thus, on my thirty-fifth birthday it all stopped. I recall at dinner somewhere between the meat and potatoes and the dessert (all family announcements always came then… things like, “I’m having another baby” or “I got a raise in salary today” or the very popular “I want to play soccer too”) I told Hubby I didn’t want any more chocolate candy for Valentine’s Day… Thanks very much, but never again. Then from three little bros a glaring stare

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No Voice

To sing is to fly! My mother told me that I sang before I uttered one word, so I’ve pretty much known it was flight all of my life. When I was happy I sang. When I was sad I sang. I soothed myself with soft lullabys and praised the Lord with anthems. I’d always known how to make a joyful noise but one day it just all stopped.

I wept for myself.

I saw doctor after doctor trying to find where my voice had gone and why this joy, this gift, had abandoned me. The only answer I ever got, was that the stress in the muscles surrounding my vocal cords, in my throat and chest, were frozen. This was why I could no longer hold a tone or use my four and one/half octaves of notes anymore. (No, not four and a half… It was three and a half and just always felt like it was more.) I could no longer fly free in melody sharing and giving to those that loved. My ultimate expression was gone from me.

There are no words in my vocabulary that can explain the

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It Broke

It’s five maybe six years ago when Hubby and I are in this appliance store looking at TV sets. We’ve just bought a beautiful piece of furniture in which we can display lovely collectibles and/or house an enormous amount of equipment…. I, of course, hadn’t pictured all “this necessary equipment” in there… Like most Women I had other plans for that space. And I was still missing what we’d had in that old TV left behind.

The last television set, which the bros and I chose was purchased as a Father’s Day gift for Hubby. I loved that old TV, housed in its own casing and it sat on the floor… Plus, it had the grace to last for twenty-odd years with no problems. In fact it still worked fine when we donated it to Good Will. I would have brought it with us when we moved from California but the men in my life all said it weighed too much and that I should let it go. They convinced me I should buy a new one when we arrived in our new home; I listened. Now. NOW!

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