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He was just barely sixteen years old when his mother sent him off to summer camp… the mother who had taught him to love reading and to be kind to others, and the same mother that he was just becoming mature enough to appreciate. They both enjoyed the outdoor life and it wasn’t an unusual thing for her to give him a camping experience………… Except this time, she put him on a plane and sent him to enjoy life in the Colorado Rockies as she had done as a teen. Just like the pleasure of books, she was giving him her love; it was her gift to his life… Going off to summer camp at Camp Cheeley.

This teen had been there maybe a week when he awoke one morning feeling not exactly sick but like something was very wrong. He attributed it to an on-coming cold and canceled his participation in a hike that was scheduled for the day. Instead, he went to the camp nurse to be checked out. It was there that the head master of Camp Cheeley found him…

“Son, I want you to take a ride with me.”


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Up From Ashes

This is a brief story that begins with humiliation and disappointment. At 6:30 a.m. Hubby shook me to awaken me, and not fully awake (and this does not excuse the offence) I spoke aloud three words to him. It doesn’t matter that they were innocent words; it matters that I was unable to keep my vow of silence from the first light of the second day of fasting.

“From dust you came and dust you shall return.” In my Anglican Catholic faith, these are words spoken as ashes are placed on the forehead in the sign of the cross of Christ. Yet, while these words are the true and the inevitable end for each human, I am interpreting these words in a different way as I travel through these forty days.

Last night I ended my first day of fasting from speaking by attending a church service. On the way out the front door of the church I encountered several persons who after being encouraged by our priest to help one another with our Lenten Fast chose to make fun of mine. I’m sure that each thought himself very clever and that their

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Bad Girl

At some point, whether childhood or into adult life, everybody hits the wall. We’re as low as we can go… And magically, everything we thought and read is not enough. It’s all the things we’ve yet to discover that matter. The Bible we never read. The good people we tossed out of our lives. The God and Creator we never bothered to know. The friends we replaced with career, or an exaggerated self-esteem.

Yes, it’s true that there are levels of maturity and wisdom. When we’re children we read about good versus evil and right and wrong, but reading is not the same thing as knowing in real time. It’s like we read/heard it and it’s still this virtual thing… It’s out there in the way-beyond… And that has nothing to do with us ’cause you and I are this tail-kicking maverick; and we want what we want when we want it. So you and I do whatever we want and then as the deeds progress and pile up, suddenly something goes horribly wrong; and you and I are wondering why. Examples: A child hangs out with all the

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