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Wiling Away the Days

The Fast from Speaking continues… I am down to eight days left. How is it going, is the constant question I get. From the super market employees to Face Book friends to emails to church members to my hairdresser! “How is it going?” And, it sometimes comes with an expression of disbelief that I’m even doing this.

I think it’s important to understand that this is not something I took on without counting the cost. Whenever I begin to do something big, I weigh the doing of it in both directions… pros and cons. But the real deal is facing what the sacrifice will be, since we humans don’t do sacrifice very well. We’re pretty much “Me-Me-Me Creatures.”

Two weeks before I stopped speaking aloud I recall thinking not, “Can I do this,” but “HOW will I do this.” I looked for all the ways I was going to be able to continue my life but without speaking aloud. After all, I don’t live in a monastery; I live in the real world of “gimme gimme gimme.” Some sacrifices were obvious. Yet, one thing I couldn’t give up was teaching my

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Something is falling from the sky but makes no sound as it touches the earth. Millions of fluffy white pieces of patterned lace drifting from the heavens… And when they land on the ground and trees and buildings and cars, we hear this amazing thing! Nothing!

All my life I have marveled at the wonder of snow. We can walk in it and find peace, eat it as it falls and find joy; roll it into a ball and make something of it. But hear it when it falls from the sky? No. Not only is it silent as it drifts to the earth and lands, but it tends to muffle the sound of everything else when the many flakes compound all over everything.

It’s good to hear nothing. Sound, whether it’s the voice of a loved one or the laughter of a child, has less meaning without the contrast of total silence. It’s the same way with music… Notes and big crescendos are meaningless without those whole rests and grand pauses. Its the two of them together that make the music.

When I am swimming my laps at our community center

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