Right Or Respected

Being right… It is not the easiest thing for us to give up, is it? We want to be right. We all want being right; and this leads to so many arguments. (Do you like to argue? I do not. It means someone has to win and another has to lose.) Being right feeds the Ego of one with a momentary victory, and it does it at the expense of someone else’s self esteem.

Consider that perhaps the ultimate goal is not to be right, but to be respected. Even as a child, this appears to be key. I can think of someone right now, that as I go back into her childhood, all issues of first recollection dealt with moments of being ignored… Not considered important enough to listen to her thoughts or assist with her plight. And, parents don’t intend to injure their child by ignoring them; they believe that in the scheme of priorities, the child’s “baby need” doesn’t rank very high on the list, and there are bigger fish to fry than finding a solution to “baby needs.”

Maybe when you were a child, there were ball games