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Nature and Nuture

“Hey! That hurt!” When we’re children, those words come easily… Someone gives pain and someone lets them know they didn’t like it. Babies cry when unhappy while children mature and use words or retaliate with equal pain to their offender.

As a teacher, I’ve seen children do both. And as they mature through the years, it is interesting to notice which arises more often… The words or the sock to the mid-section.

Boys can come to blows, duke it out and then it’s over. Or they may have an exchange of words and then it’s, “Hey man, sorry… Are we good? Yeah? Okay then, see ya ’round.” But the point is that it’s over. I never raised a daughter and in my birth home, I was closer to my brother than anyone else. So in making inquiries about the habits of females, I was told that girls twist it in every direction, nurse the injury into a frenzy, and then maybe apologize to end it or just tell everyone on the planet how horribly this person or that has hurt them. And all of this is called the nature

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Incredible Moments

She was a mother living with her daughter and family; thus having been invited, she lived her life with them in joy and unabashed happiness. And when a baby girl was born to the daughter of this mother, Maggie jumped into the role of grandmother with the same pleasure and zeal.

It sounds like a fairy tale, doesn’t it? Or maybe a “souped-up” remake of The Waltons? Generations of women (Maggie the mother, Ann her daughter and Peggy the newest and littlest one) in the same house happy as can be… And yet, this is not the real story. That came later and unfolded through the challenge that no one can avoid. Death… And yet not death. Let me explain…

In the middle of their joy, Maggie developed cancer. The fight was going to be significant. Being a woman of considerable pluck Maggie accepted fighting the good fight. Initially there was high hope that all would be well and that these three would pass this moment and go on as they always had enjoying each other to the hilt. Maggie smiled through it, laughed with her daughter and spent many hours

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