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The Hair Cut

These past twelve days I have been almost violently ill from a severe allergic reaction to dust and dust mites. Oh, I’ve always been allergic to these little buggers but now that I live in Arizona… In the Valley of the Sun… this allergy has gone to a whole new level. When the wind blows mightily or one of our infamous dust storms hits us, I no longer have an allergic reaction; I pop a full blown infection. Realizing this, the medical profession has called for changes I’d not expected; and while they will make me a healthier woman, these changes are not easy to accept after years of living a way I can no longer live.

The changes have ranged from completely washing down every wall, every piece of wood and glass in my house to the addition of washing all of the floors, bedding, pillows, and picture frames. This pretty much describes my regiment for Spring cleaning, which once took place in April or May but now, is a weekly and even daily event in my home.

Now we must pause here a moment to make this insert… Since I had to

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We Will Not Forget, Or Will We

Yes, it was quite a Sunday wasn’t it? Beautiful tributes across the country to visit personally, or to observe via the Internet or television broadcast. A celebration of new life after deep loss. I myself attended the offering presented in Tempe, AZ. which exhibited flags posted, one for every person who did that day in the fall of the WTC collapse, the attack on the Pentagon, or in the crash that was bravely diverted from hitting our nation’s capitol building. Attached to each flag was the name of one of those individuals and a little something about them, including the site at which they died. Taps was played periodically in classic fashion. But additionally remarkable to this writer, was the fact that this offering lay smack in the middle of the flight pattern leaving Sky Harbor Air Port! The plans flew directly overhead all day long, adding a third dimension of thought to this very moving and beautiful tribute to tragedy and new life in our precious country.

We most certainly remembered! And we will continue to remember as these permanent sites bring the loss and renewal and commitment to mind

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