I am married to a reasonable, capable, intelligent, God fearing, and loving person. Are you? I know… Big question. And on most days, you’d probably be touting their numerous gifts and talents. That said, don’t you find that every once in a while, (whether it’s your fault or theirs or both) you wonder why they can’t understand what you’re trying to communicate?

Yeah! That’s what I’m talking about! Those moments when you’re using the same vocabulary you’ve used every day but suddenly he (or she) is staring at you after a litany of explanation as if you didn’t even speak. And the exasperation from that can exist on many levels. For me at least… I rummage through such non-logical thoughts as “If I seriously injure him, he won’t be able to take out the trash tomorrow.”

The inability to communicate is more than the lack of understanding. It’s the thought that all the effort was for naught; and now, if one really wants to get that good response, a new way to communicate must be found. Personally, I’ve never found physical efforts to be effective. But