Here I Am

And they’re off! Running ninety miles an hour, talking on cell phones as they walk… (Oh! Did he bump into you? “Sorry… Why were you there?”) It’s that time of year when everyone goes crazy buying, eating, moving, talking; and we are all supposed to be of good cheer. How, I ask you?

“Peace. Good will toward Man.” This is not easily found in a fast pace while only your personal needs are considered. It is found in the simpler things of life, the mask of helpfulness with the salt of caring for and with others.

Today, a lovely gentleman, who has cared for the family yard for many years, came to work after a long and difficult battle with leukemia. When this illness was first discovered, he told us of his coming battle and said, “… but don’t worry about the garden… My son will come and care for it while I am away.” He had no thought to himself at that moment, only concern that the yards, his work, his responsibilities to others were in place. He knew he had to slow down to get well, but he was