American citizens know that 911 means assist lives, help those in trouble. It, now, also represents the day that many human beings across the globe lost loved ones. We can recall the United States doing what it does best, as it rallied each citizen to unite and again, rise to establish itself as a force with which to be reckoned. We know the outcome of marching to stop that enemy, as we’ve also witnessed each other travel through the lengthy healing, an arduous ache that longs to be massaged. Two weeks ago I traveled to New York City where I visited the Ground Zero Memorial, a place where every day, citizens from around the world visit to recall loved ones and honor their lives.

It is a peaceful movement of water, which flows downward from out of a waist (or chest) high wall, then to ground level, and finally into what was once the foundation of the towers… Yes, there are two such waterfalls. The wall that separates visitors from the water that are arranged in the form of a continuous squre, bares the names of each person who lost their life that day either as