The Best Dream of Your Life, Or Is It?

My career. My salary. My Passion. My job. Do you fit into even one of those categories? Earning a living is most certainly something we all know we have to do in order to thrive and to feed and clothe ourselves, and our families. Whether we live in the jungle of the wild or the madness of the business world, we all get it. To have a good life we have to work! Or do we?

There’s always the lottery, right? Just keep buying those power ball tickets and hoping to hit the big one like someone in Florida did recently when he won an obscene amount of money. And I’m asking you… What would you do if you were the person who won all of that?

As Hubby says, the first thing you’d do is to pay the IRS and that’s true. But after that one would still have a pile of money, yes? So maybe you’d pay of your outstanding debts, or maybe you’d take a trip, or maybe you’d give money to family members to help them out, or you’d even give to the church or charity of your choice.