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The Season

It’s the season to be jolly… Ho ho ho! So are you? Jolly? Are you feeling Peace on Earth? What about Good Will Toward Men… Do you feel that? I finished the last of my Christmas shopping and can honestly tell you that I heard no (NO) Christmas music or carols. They were not heard on the streets, or in the stores. They were not heard on the car radio of my local station(s) or even in the grocery. I thought for sure that there would be some Christmas music in the grocery because so many of us are in there buying holiday food, but no… It was still Country Music or Rock. Yet we BUY the food and we BUY the presents.

Where did that music go? Why did it go? I talk to children almost every day… They tell me about everything from their “ouchies” to their secret loves. More and more, when I bring up Christmas music, children and young people have no idea what I’m talking about. Many of them think those melodies of old (if they do recognize them) think they’re nothing but background

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Wishing and Wondering

I am home alone. It’s December and the weather is cold but sunny. No snow. Everyone on the East Coast thinks this is great and here I sit trying to find a way to enjoy snow from my home.

Hmmmm… Here are the some options. Watch the news/weather where cars are sliding off the road and freeways are jammed with cars traveling nowhere due to white out effect and/or icy roads. Yes, I can see the snow and that’s good but it’s all the bad news and everything we don’t like or want when snow is viewed from the news and weather bureau’s perspective. And, did I mention the people on the news that have no food because they can’t make it the grocery, or they have no water because the pipes froze along with the roads? Well this all doesn’t make it so much fun to enjoy snow, does it? So maybe another avenue would be a better plan. I could watch a DVD of White Christmas where everything that happens in the snow is funny, musical, or beautiful. This, of course, is great; and yet I won’t feel

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