Cold Weather

It’s Winter.  Across the USA people are living their lives and doing their daily deeds but in snow and/or sub-zero temperatures.  Many are saying, “This is the coldest winter ever.”  Having grown up with plenty of snow, I can certainly understand the desire to experience Spring, or see the ground again or to enjoy the bracing heat of a day instead of gearing up for a blast of cold air.

Where I live at present, there is rarely if ever really cold weather.  Most people who live here have no idea what it is to have to shovel the walk and driveway before the day can begin; and the rest of them have moved here from the bracing cold to forget it.  We hardly ever have to even put on a coat!  Our idea of cold would be lowering ourselves to wear a sweater or having to eliminate our shorts for long pants.  By Eastern standards we are spoiled rotten.  And yet, we whine the same as Easterners when our summer temperatures sore high into the hundreds and the night air is never cooler than 98 degrees.  

However, winter weather can also bring out the best in  those Easterners.  I’ve seen