It Matters

Today I made a post on a site Quoting C.S.Lewis that went as follows:  “And men said that the blood of the stars flowed in her veins.”  (The Chronicles of Narnia, The Silver Star).  One person, and yes it was a man, came back saying basically that women are important but I (the male counterpart) figured into my own accomplishments and blah blah blah…  Really, I thought.  And I replied, “It’s not your day. Maybe tomorrow….”  And again he came back saying basically ‘yeah sure women do stuff, (and again came the “but”) but we guys do stuff blah blah blah… And I’m the hero of my life.’  

No one would deny that men have done many prolific and wonderful things!  No one!  The point here is not about good men, it’s about the goodness and greatness of the female sex.  Period. Now I ask you, is it unacceptable to speak well of a woman without a man in the middle of the glory?  Can we take a step out of Self and go to a new place?

Americans have long been a people who agree that men and women are like left foot-right foot, right hand and left hand…  We