Two of a Kind

Many people eat two eggs for breakfast with two pieces of toast. Almost everyone has two feet, two hands, and two eyes and ears. Some garages have two cars in them, while some houses have two bedrooms or two bathrooms. Two. A pair. And then we can add to that looking in the mirror and seeing another person just like us… Not real of course because it is a reflection of ourselves. But ears and ears match, don’t they? They look the same, right to left or left to right? And there are persons who are that way as well, We call them identical twins. They are a pair who look just the same.

In my lifetime I’ve known a few sets of twins. My uncle is a twin. I have a close friend who married a twin. And I went to school with a couple sets of twins.

Fourth grade, I’m the new kid in the class (again) and this time I had to learn not only all those new names, I needed to learn how to tell two little girls apart that, for