In Limbo

It’s a cool comfortable evening as she went to the computer at the end of long and busy day. The woman opened up her Facebook account and there she began to read various clips from this website and that news cast. About five items down there was a personal post about a friend who was in her last hours of life; and would those seeing this who knew this person, please say a blessing or pray for her. The post had been made by a family member who was probably present and helping the dying person go home… This is what our intrepid reader told herself. And our reader stopped in time to pray for the dying friend, all the visions of her friend from childhood come flooding back. She saw them playing together in the park, she heard the laughter of teens… And now, she felt the reality of it all. Someone good was leaving this life.

In Limbo. Death of a loved one can place us there, loss of work can place us there, an unexpected fight which separates us from one another can also place us in limbo.

Limbo. It’s a