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In My Face

It had been a beautiful Monday with many things accomplished, lots of love in the air… Then at 4:30 in the afternoon our son, Creative Artist, Nathan Temple,  suffered a massive cardiac arrest.  He was rushed to the hospital from our home and at 8:35 Hubby and I were told that Nathan had passed away.  BAM!  Good day goes south, turns left instead of right, the path heads down instead of up.

Through out this week we have tried to wrap our heads around how such a young man died like this.  BAM!  We go through the motions of death certificate, burial plans, memorial service… BAM BAM BAM!  Your gut feels like a miss mash of nothing recognizable; eating is impossible… Nothing has taste, everything you see has a confused meaning… It’s like you’re living with no arms, no legs, and no mind.  (Did I make that decision?  I can’t remember.  Did I make that decision?  I don’t know, so steps are retrace  as one painful jab after another makes movement almost impossible.)

And yet, we DO go forward because we know that others are praying for us to be held up by God’s holy angels, by Christ Himself.  We cry our

“Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own.” – H. Jackson Brown Jr.

I’ve always been told that there is more than one kind of love.  Human love is selfish love… Satisfying one’s self at the expense of another.  The love that really counts is the sacrificial love.  That’s the love where we give up something that is important in our lives for the well being of other(s)…  Which reminds me of another old saying:  “When you can’t run, crawl.  When you can’t crawl, you find somebody to carry you.”  Ya know anyone who needs a “lift”?  Give them a little sacrificial love.  Best… CTTemple

More Than an Expression

Keep it clean.  As a child, that meant I was approaching potty mouth and my mother would go for the soap.  (Needless to say, I cleaned it up… Who wants to eat soap?)  As an adult, I’ve learned that the meanings to “keep it clean” are endless, because there is always a plethora that has to be cleaned!  Clean up the house. Clean the children (on multiple fronts, mind you).  Plus, somewhere in there I have to make sure I get cleaned up…  Hair, body, face, and all!   Now, because I’ve tried to be responsible,  add volunteer organizations, office and clean-up favors of all sorts for friends.   Clean, clean clean… But I digress.

No matter what needs to be cleaned, one thing remains true for this writer:  To  clean means that, first, a bigger mess than the one in existence will come to pass before the task is done.  Crazy?  Far from it.  In the middle of that procedural mess is order.

Picture cleaning the kitchen cupboards.  Say that I have removed everything…  So cups, plates, bowls etc, are removed from their home and placed temporarily all over the kitchen counter.  There is now, no room anywhere for anything on

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“Our fatigue is often caused not by work, but by worry, frustration, and resentment.”

– Dale Carnegie

Today, as I was learning a new task I noticed that my learning curve was deeply slow.  It occurred to me that my frustration and concern for other issues I wanted to address were keeping me from being able to concentrate on the task at hand.  With a sigh, I let the latter go to accomplish my task, and found myself done in record time.  Carnegie was right!  One thing at a time… When we forget to worry and be frustrated, everything falls into place.

May you have an energetic day by doing just one thing at a time.

Best… CTTemple

“Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.”

– Stephen Hawking

~ No one can speak better to the importance of this statement. Hawking’s life was turned inside out by radical change of physical being, and yet he rose out of the ashes to be an amazing man who greatly contributed to the world’s progress. We do not have to be Stephen Hawking to arrive at a better place. Believe in his statement. Each of us can rise out of our own ashes by forgetting the unexpected punch from change, to think and act beyond it. Change (or momentary defeat) is a challenge to stand and be more than we once were. Have a great day beating the odds!

Best… CTTemple **