All this time, I’ve been quoting other people whom I believe to have said something worthwhile.  We need to hear and read things that are worthwhile, as this is a medicine to the brain and to the soul when times are confusing or difficult or both.  Today I’d like to give you a few of my own words in the hope that they will help in these troubled and confusing times.


We all are aware that we have two questionable persons running for the office of President of the United States of American.  We don’t personally know these people, but we have an idea that they are not a statesman or states woman… They seem self motivated or political or both.  And, as citizens, we need (not just want) someone who can not only lead but take us in a direction that is forward. At any rate oh-so-many of us are convinced that our best interests are not at hand where these candidates are concerned; and the people of America are deeply agitated as to the possible direction of our future.  And yet…  Is it they who are important, or is it WE?  We the People!  WE started this country and we are the heart and soul of it.  So today, I am giving US not change, but direction!  BE INSPIRED!  Be inspired to do the best job we can with the job that is at hand!  If you are an iron worker, then your direction is to be the best iron worker you can possibly be.  If you are a hair dresser, do the best possible job you can at making men and women of America look their best!  If you’re a teacher, do every single thing you can to teach our children from the top of your skills, and from every cell of your body, help them to achieve their goals!  BE INSPIRED…  And, as you are inspired and act out in the job at hand, you and I… WE the People…  Will make the United States of America move forward in a direction of success!  This is our immediate direction… And together we will reclaim our country and our lives, and give better lives to each other.


May today take you to that new place…  Be inspired!


Carolyn Thomas Temple