What’s in a Color?

The primary colors of the spectrum are said to be red, yellow, blue, and green; from there, so many other beautiful colors can be created.  Color … When we combine color with some action that is meant to help others, the result is tumultuously good .  Here is an example of that.

Yesterday as I considered how I could up-lift and encourage, I was also having a bit of cabin fever from this house bound business.  I decided to go to the local Safeway, which happened to still be open.  I thought to myself how hard these employees are working.  True, they are fortunate to still have a job they can go to, but consider the long and exhausting hours they are working as they enforce the many new protocols for safety and cleanliness.  So, I elected to go to the flower center of our local Safeway Store, and purchase bouquets of flowers, then present them to the lady checkers. (What do we do for the guys, buy them a beer?  But I digress… The guys we’ll deal with later.)

I arrived in the flower center and began searching the bouquets and the profusion of color before me.  What was the best

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Survive and Thrive

Many people are filled with the news of the pandemic outbreak.  And yes, it’s something to consider and be serious about its outcome and impact on one’s life.  But it is not the bottom line.  The bottom line is what will each do to survive and thrive, not only for self but for the well-being of family, one’s country, and the world?  We must survive and thrive by moving into a New Age.

Let’s start with shock.  Of course we are all surprised that life is changing so dramatically.  One day we’re going to work, making a pay check, and then heading home to relax.  Now, we work from home, worry about whether the paycheck will even show up in our bank account, and have more family than we ever hoped to have because the kids (all ages) are also home going as crazy as you and making it tough to work.  At all.  It’s tough to consider, but this is our new life (at least for the foreseeable future).  It’s time to be the creative people we all are, and find the new ways to thrive.  Americans as well as Europeans and all others are making an effort to find

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It lasts Until It’s Over

I am thinking that I should get back to work with writing, which I pretty much dumped after the death of our third son a short time ago…  Almost five years to be exact.   At that time, I had a manuscript almost finished to publish, had a possible publisher that I liked and who liked my work, and well…  Our son died.  There was the actual event, family arriving to support one another, planning the service, his burial, and then back home where I proceeded to just sit.  I continued all the daily things like laundry, Bible study, laundry, meals, I taught music a little, more laundry and then more meals.  Hubby and I  finally got a little dog to help ease the pain; and it did give us some peace; but it didn’t make me go back to work. I would start putting down words and end up staring at the page while I continued to sit.  When asked if I’d finished my project or how much I’d accomplished, I was known to have used that dog as the reason I couldn’t write.  The real reason was that I myself needed the encouragement to do it, to go back

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An Intermezzo on Opinion

There was a woman who had a coffee date with someone whom she thought she knew well.  (Hmmm….   Is that an opinion?)  After polite greetings to one another and seating themselves, the conversation began.  It wasn’t long before her friend’s finger was in her face, as her friend told her what she ought to believe and what she should think.  The woman was  surprised to say the least.  (Like I said, she thought she knew her friend.)  The woman’s reply was, “I’m not sure how I feel about your finger in my face”, to which  Mrs. Finger Pointer excused herself from the table of politeness, and made a joke of said friend’s comment by sticking all of her fingers in her face and letting said friend know that pointing at people was just what she does (whether a public place or private); and, basically that anyone who know’s her should simply get over it.  Whether this was F.P.’s true intent (that all should accept her actions) remains a mystery; it was not joy she had communicated that day.

I am still to this minute hoping that Mrs. Finger Pointer was perhaps embarrassed at having her finger in the face of a

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No Words

I often see the following added on one or so Face Book posts now and again…  “No Words.”  And, each time I’ve seen it, I’ve wonder, “If you had no words, why are you telling us you have none?  Just say nothing at all.”  Then one day I found myself posting the same thing… I read a column that was shared by a friend and what did I say?  “No words.”  And, as I hit Enter, it occurred to me that I had just said the thing I thought was unthinkable.  Why did I do that?

Why indeed.  Did I need to make a statement in spite of myself?  Was I feeling needy in some nondescript way?  Did I just want to type something (I am a pianist… Maybe that was it!).  I couldn’t understand myself.  Often, I think we all say things, when  saying nothing is really more appropriate. And then, a remark grabs us by our heart or just pushes our buttons.

I had that happen recently and what I’ve usually done is to say nothing, or try to find a positive spin.  And when that No Words moment came yet again, the spin I chose was good for others

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More Than an Expression

Keep it clean.  As a child, that meant I was approaching potty mouth and my mother would go for the soap.  (Needless to say, I cleaned it up… Who wants to eat soap?)  As an adult, I’ve learned that the meanings to “keep it clean” are endless, because there is always a plethora that has to be cleaned!  Clean up the house. Clean the children (on multiple fronts, mind you).  Plus, somewhere in there I have to make sure I get cleaned up…  Hair, body, face, and all!   Now, because I’ve tried to be responsible,  add volunteer organizations, office and clean-up favors of all sorts for friends.   Clean, clean clean… But I digress.

No matter what needs to be cleaned, one thing remains true for this writer:  To  clean means that, first, a bigger mess than the one in existence will come to pass before the task is done.  Crazy?  Far from it.  In the middle of that procedural mess is order.

Picture cleaning the kitchen cupboards.  Say that I have removed everything…  So cups, plates, bowls etc, are removed from their home and placed temporarily all over the kitchen counter.  There is now, no room anywhere for anything on

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Saddle Up

DSC_1325st-300-revA rewind moment… Ostensibly a kid, and I’m about to take that long walk to the piano, not my piano but the one in the little concert hall where a recital is being held. Every year I’d go through the same thing, sitting there in an inner sweat, rehearsing my piece in my head, dressed to the nines in my best dress and my T-strap shoes. I’d be almost the last to play or the last, sitting there… Learning how to wait under stressful situations. And then my name would be called, I’d walk to the piano listening to the click of those fancy leather shoes in that hall…. I’d sit down in front of the keys, poise myself, breathe in quietly, and I’d play. It would be a blur of tone as my fingers traveled the keys… Each year a longer more complicated and elegant piece of music. I’d play it the way I rehearsed it with notes, tempo, dynamics all exactly the way it went on my mother’s piano at home for weeks on end. At last it would be over, the guests would applaud politely and I’d

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The Clear Picture

Yesterday was a very uncomfortable day for me. One of those days that one hates to answer the phone because things are already not good and yes, here’s another person just raining on the already horrible day. When the sun finally set and I sat watching the clouds change color in the sky, I thought back on just how many really bad days I’d ever had in my life.

Death always ruins the day. I recall when my brother died, then my grandmothers, my father and most recently my mother… All days that seem to last a year before the stars were visible. I’m sure you can relate. Then less dramatic, but painful, was the day a person I thought was my friend who lashed out at me, for reasons unknown to me (surely a misunderstanding) in a very public place. Another bad day was the one years ago on which I heard how ill I was, and that it would be a long journey back to good health… Then the long journey… Not much fun. All long dark days.

Why do we have to travel through these uncomfortable periods? Why can’t we just sail through life like the people who live down

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In Limbo

It’s a cool comfortable evening as she went to the computer at the end of long and busy day. The woman opened up her Facebook account and there she began to read various clips from this website and that news cast. About five items down there was a personal post about a friend who was in her last hours of life; and would those seeing this who knew this person, please say a blessing or pray for her. The post had been made by a family member who was probably present and helping the dying person go home… This is what our intrepid reader told herself. And our reader stopped in time to pray for the dying friend, all the visions of her friend from childhood come flooding back. She saw them playing together in the park, she heard the laughter of teens… And now, she felt the reality of it all. Someone good was leaving this life.

In Limbo. Death of a loved one can place us there, loss of work can place us there, an unexpected fight which separates us from one another can also place us in limbo.

Limbo. It’s a

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Two of a Kind

Many people eat two eggs for breakfast with two pieces of toast. Almost everyone has two feet, two hands, and two eyes and ears. Some garages have two cars in them, while some houses have two bedrooms or two bathrooms. Two. A pair. And then we can add to that looking in the mirror and seeing another person just like us… Not real of course because it is a reflection of ourselves. But ears and ears match, don’t they? They look the same, right to left or left to right? And there are persons who are that way as well, We call them identical twins. They are a pair who look just the same.

In my lifetime I’ve known a few sets of twins. My uncle is a twin. I have a close friend who married a twin. And I went to school with a couple sets of twins.

Fourth grade, I’m the new kid in the class (again) and this time I had to learn not only all those new names, I needed to learn how to tell two little girls apart that, for

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