I am thinking that I should get back to work with writing, which I pretty much dumped after the death of our third son a short time ago…  Almost five years to be exact.   At that time, I had a manuscript almost finished to publish, had a possible publisher that I liked and who liked my work, and well…  Our son died.  There was the actual event, family arriving to support one another, planning the service, his burial, and then back home where I proceeded to just sit.  I continued all the daily things like laundry, Bible study, laundry, meals, I taught music a little, more laundry and then more meals.  Hubby and I  finally got a little dog to help ease the pain; and it did give us some peace; but it didn’t make me go back to work. I would start putting down words and end up staring at the page while I continued to sit.  When asked if I’d finished my project or how much I’d accomplished, I was known to have used that dog as the reason I couldn’t write.  The real reason was that I myself needed the encouragement to do it, to go back to work. Hubby did try to encourage me…  And, I would sigh and look out the window at the desert.  Poor Bill to have to watch this!  It was clear that this was one of those times where I needed aside-from-family encouragement.

I understand the importance of encouragement in a big way!  Added to the daily disappointments and growth we all experiences month to month, yours truly has been through the loss of a brother as a young adult, the loss of both parents (even being present and holding my father’s hand until he had gone home, then care giving my mother and walking her through her transition of life).  I have survived to thrive after five surgical procedures in four and one half years including loss of walking twice, wheel chair twice and back to walking again.  Then this was dovetailed with severe financial violation by a con artist who ripped off my husband’s life with family along for the ride…  Home, cars, savings accounts, insurance savings, stocks… Everything but faith, family and a few heirlooms.  Yes, I know the need for encouragement, and our family did get that and then some!  Yet I personally felt at times that I was holding others up while I carried myself.   After Nathan’s death I was tired of helping others.  I was lost for words to enrich another’s life … Not that I didn’t want to do it, I just couldn’t do it.

Four+ years passed and then came this Pandemic infection.  I was seeing so many people begin to fear,  and to seemingly back away from life.  If anything,  I cannot STAND to see people lose sight of life.  So on little ole Facebook, I posted a small quip based on the importance of looking for grace in nature when life is uncertain, and the importance of choosing a positive life over anything painful around us.  A friend read it and re-posted it on his profile page and then three others shared it.  Well…  That was the kick in the pants that this person needed.  And here I am back at it!

You want encouragement and inspiration?  Here it is:  It probably took Clint Kenner no more than two minutes to read my quip and re-post it.  That’s no time at all out of one’s day.  And, with that two minutes he up-lifted the author from a long funk that needed to end.  Can you do the same for another as Clint did for me?  Maybe just a sentence you say or one word of joy.  Can you take just two minutes out of your twelve hour day to up-lift another?  It will be the best two minutes you have, because up-lifting others always lifts the doer right along with the person that one up-lifts.  Every time.  You may not receive a ton of thank you or credit, yet you will feel good just because you DID something good for another person.  Do it!  I want the very best for you!

May you see that two minutes of special opportunity and act on it!


Carolyn Thomas Temple