“Horses love to run.  But thoroughbreds love to race, and furthermore they like to win!”  –  Pugnare et Vincere

Hubby was raised on a horse farm; that said, he didn’t care to live the rest of his life around horses.  Who knows why and who can understand it, yet it’s the truth.  He left the farm for thoroughbred; I, in my own way am his pony!

Just call me his thoroughbred race horse, as I’ve been running a race of some kind all of my life.   Not only run but run for the win!  And not win for myself but for all… The Win/Win.  It may seem a bit unrealistic, but then I am one of  the Utopian Girls…  We shoot for Venus and get the Moon.    Like any racehorse, the race isn’t always what one expects….  Yet, it’s always a win when one aims for two finish lines:  Tot place and/or the finish line of knowledge.  We can always learn; and, when the world thinks we’ve lost, knowledge can even be the bigger win.

From this person’s perspective, competing against yourself is always a success story.  Audition against life and make it one’s best effort; watch everything and everyone around to always be learning.  And when you rest, be alone from the computer, radio, TV, phone.  Rest.  Then go back in the race for a life time even if it’s a short trip to the store…  Speak to people, smile, be a happy person.  Live every minute of your personal race  deeply and completely… Breath deeply, love deeply… Embrace it with a run, not a trot or a gallop, but a run!

Are you a race horse?  May you win the day for a lifetime of excellent memories!


Carolyn Thomas Temple