Many people are filled with the news of the pandemic outbreak.  And yes, it’s something to consider and be serious about its outcome and impact on one’s life.  But it is not the bottom line.  The bottom line is what will each do to survive and thrive, not only for self but for the well-being of family, one’s country, and the world?  We must survive and thrive by moving into a New Age.

Let’s start with shock.  Of course we are all surprised that life is changing so dramatically.  One day we’re going to work, making a pay check, and then heading home to relax.  Now, we work from home, worry about whether the paycheck will even show up in our bank account, and have more family than we ever hoped to have because the kids (all ages) are also home going as crazy as you and making it tough to work.  At all.  It’s tough to consider, but this is our new life (at least for the foreseeable future).  It’s time to be the creative people we all are, and find the new ways to thrive.  Americans as well as Europeans and all others are making an effort to find solutions to continue well.  THIS is progress!  The pandemic is bad but finding solutions together is very good!  Shock can and did take us to survival/ survival leads to group creativity and working together; togetherness leads us to understanding of one another and knowing one another and not fearing but seeking solutions.

What about what we’re seeing at present?  One week we’re all laughing and shopping and eating in shops and restaurants.  We’re doing business as usual and then we are plunged into the vision of empty streets and shops and restaurants, desertion everywhere as we stay indoors to avoid the spread of illness.  It’s painful of course.  But DO NOT stay in that tunnel of depressive vision.  Be safe instead and have faith that solutions are being sought as we work together to find the Meds that will keep us safe.  For the positive, think how the environment is getting a break from the pollution we’ve been creating daily.  We are not out there making our usual mess; therefore, we are doing a good thing for health and environment by just staying home.  So there’s bad, but there’s good!  Balance is still there in other ways.  No panic is needed.

Let’s consider what the average person(s) like us can do.   In the words of Kenneth Oller (a teacher of social life and history) “Live the best possible life you can live.”   Be good.  Be kind, in the face of danger.  Smile at everyone.  Be happy.  That’s a choice that we, starting with myself, must make.  Have fun…   I recall a difficult time while adjusting to our care-giving duties; Hubby and I were about to hit the wall along with my mother.  What did I do… I yanked Hubby into the dark of the little pantry and kissed him…  A LOT!  It helped, as we were relieved and my mother laughed! So parents, go kiss in the pantry with the door closed, kids on the other side.  Kids, monitor your mouths and say happy and joyous words as you play indoors under your parents rules…  And, if Mom and Dad are kissing in the pantry, try to be happy without tearing the house down.  LOL

What else can we do?  We can write an encouraging card to someone.  The US Postal Service is still open, yes?  We can monitor how much we buy, and we can share what we buy with a neighbor who has less or even nothing.  Get creative! We are all creative when we try… Good ideas will come to you!  Think happy and Good! We can even think funny and make each other laugh!  I’ve already seen cute posts poking fun in a good way, such as the thought of women all having to reveal their “real hair color.”  (Well for some, that might not be too funny; but I can’t help but laugh. )

And one more thing…  Do not buy into every conspiracy theory you hear.  If we spend our time thinking and being  productive, then no one should have time for “what ifs” that can hurt other people who could be your friend or comrade.

May every day be a great day!   I hope this has helped!

Best… Carolyn Thomas Temple