The primary colors of the spectrum are said to be red, yellow, blue, and green; from there, so many other beautiful colors can be created.  Color … When we combine color with some action that is meant to help others, the result is tumultuously good .  Here is an example of that.

Yesterday as I considered how I could up-lift and encourage, I was also having a bit of cabin fever from this house bound business.  I decided to go to the local Safeway, which happened to still be open.  I thought to myself how hard these employees are working.  True, they are fortunate to still have a job they can go to, but consider the long and exhausting hours they are working as they enforce the many new protocols for safety and cleanliness.  So, I elected to go to the flower center of our local Safeway Store, and purchase bouquets of flowers, then present them to the lady checkers. (What do we do for the guys, buy them a beer?  But I digress… The guys we’ll deal with later.)

I arrived in the flower center and began searching the bouquets and the profusion of color before me.  What was the best choice?  Looking, searching, checking…  Yellow!  Yellow is a very happy color!  It says joy, makes me smile and want to laugh… I mean I absolutely cannot be sad when I look at something that’s yellow.  The floral industry even tells us it is the color of friendship.  This was the color to choose and it ended up being in the form of daffodils.

I chose three bunches (they were three for five dollars) and then, I headed to the checkout line.  The line was long, and my checker was working hard to keep the line going as she also sanitized her conveyor belt and other surrounding equipment.  Six in front of me, soon down to four, then three…  In no time at all it was my turn.  I watched her face, tired but focused on the task before her.  She checked the price, scanned it, I paid, and then…  I said, “This bouquet is for you. I hope your day goes well.”  Her eyes registered shock then a smile came across her face as she reached out and took her flowers.  At the same time, I was aware of the line behind me, who registered shock and then they all smiled at the checker too.  In that moment there was no COVID-19, no need to wear a mask or wash our hands fifty-gazillion times.  We were all in a place of joy and happiness.  The Now, a cloud above it all.  Wasn’t that worth five dollars?  Man, I have to tell you that in those moments it was not clear who was blessed more, we were one in the joy of doing good.

I proceeded to give the other two bouquets away to two other female checkers.  The same reaction, exactly!  Ten more moments of joy and no worry in one minute of it.  No panic.  Just beauty.  I left that store feeling better than I’ve felt in days (and, on the whole I feel pretty darn good every day).

I’d like to suggest that you try this out in your community.  Maybe you want a different color, but I sure found that yellow up-lifting… Say nothing of the fact that this is one of my favorite colors in the whole wide world…  Bury me surrounded with yellow and white roses, or better yet, send them to my house while I’m still here!)  If you hand a bouquet of flowers to the postal workers, the food store employees… Think it through and figure out who needs them most today.  (Every woman has a favorite color, folks.  You will not be sorry you did it.)  Honestly, I still feel like a million dollars!  I want nothing but happiness for all of you!  Happiness is the most incredible medicine on the planet Earth.

May you all find it and receive it as you give it!


Carolyn Thomas Temple