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What’s in a Color?

The primary colors of the spectrum are said to be red, yellow, blue, and green; from there, so many other beautiful colors can be created.  Color … When we combine color with some action that is meant to help others, the result is tumultuously good .  Here is an example of that.

Yesterday as I considered how I could up-lift and encourage, I was also having a bit of cabin fever from this house bound business.  I decided to go to the local Safeway, which happened to still be open.  I thought to myself how hard these employees are working.  True, they are fortunate to still have a job they can go to, but consider the long and exhausting hours they are working as they enforce the many new protocols for safety and cleanliness.  So, I elected to go to the flower center of our local Safeway Store, and purchase bouquets of flowers, then present them to the lady checkers. (What do we do for the guys, buy them a beer?  But I digress… The guys we’ll deal with later.)

I arrived in the flower center and began searching the bouquets and the profusion of color before me.  What was the best

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Survive and Thrive

Many people are filled with the news of the pandemic outbreak.  And yes, it’s something to consider and be serious about its outcome and impact on one’s life.  But it is not the bottom line.  The bottom line is what will each do to survive and thrive, not only for self but for the well-being of family, one’s country, and the world?  We must survive and thrive by moving into a New Age.

Let’s start with shock.  Of course we are all surprised that life is changing so dramatically.  One day we’re going to work, making a pay check, and then heading home to relax.  Now, we work from home, worry about whether the paycheck will even show up in our bank account, and have more family than we ever hoped to have because the kids (all ages) are also home going as crazy as you and making it tough to work.  At all.  It’s tough to consider, but this is our new life (at least for the foreseeable future).  It’s time to be the creative people we all are, and find the new ways to thrive.  Americans as well as Europeans and all others are making an effort to find

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It lasts Until It’s Over

I am thinking that I should get back to work with writing, which I pretty much dumped after the death of our third son a short time ago…  Almost five years to be exact.   At that time, I had a manuscript almost finished to publish, had a possible publisher that I liked and who liked my work, and well…  Our son died.  There was the actual event, family arriving to support one another, planning the service, his burial, and then back home where I proceeded to just sit.  I continued all the daily things like laundry, Bible study, laundry, meals, I taught music a little, more laundry and then more meals.  Hubby and I  finally got a little dog to help ease the pain; and it did give us some peace; but it didn’t make me go back to work. I would start putting down words and end up staring at the page while I continued to sit.  When asked if I’d finished my project or how much I’d accomplished, I was known to have used that dog as the reason I couldn’t write.  The real reason was that I myself needed the encouragement to do it, to go back

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